Claire Roberts

iRest Yoga Nidra Level 1 Teacher, Advanced Mindfulness Teacher, 200 hours Yoga Teacher

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For over 20 years I have been in training and teaching. As a training consultant in sales, negotiation and management/leadership, working with companies around the world, I know the pressure and demands that corporate life can take. Through spending almost a decade in senior leadership of secondary schools, I've handled the stresses of my staff, students and parents, often at the sacrifice of my own wellbeing. I spent (too) many years of my life on autopilot but throughout the exhaustion and never-ending to-do lists, yoga has always been there.

After I went to my first yoga nidra class 25 years ago, it became an integral part of my life - a way of finding calm within the chaos.

Over these years, I've been on a journey of mindfulness teacher training, yoga nidra teacher training, sound healing and iRest Level 1 teacher training.

Let me help you get back in touch with the stillness and strength that is already within you. Let me help you find a deeper sense of purpose, of appreciation, of gratitude for life... in all its complexity and messiness.

Teacher Specialty
High School
Additional Teacher Specialty
Mindfulness, Sound baths, Yoga