Clearlight Gerald

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Senior iRest® Trainer, Certified iRest Teacher, Supervisor & Mentor
Montreal, QC, Canada

Clearlight Gerald is a Senior iRest Trainer and certified Yoga Therapist who has taught, mentored and guided thousands of students from all walks of life for over 20 years.  She is the founder of the MamaBe® Program, an innovative, holistic approach that integrates the wisdom teachings of iRest to support women's wellbeing during fertility, pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood. 

Since Clearlight first met her teachers and mentors Joan Ruvinsky and Richard Miller in 2004, she has been immersed in the study of nondual teachings and practices that inform iRest Meditation. She passionately shares these teachings and associated practices in classes, workshops and trainings, and supports students to reconnect to their deepest authenticity and wellbeing. For more information visit

Clearlight is also an iRest Certification Supervisor and Mentor, a role in which she has engaged with joy since the inception of the iRest teacher training program. She brings warmth, insight and skillfulness to support new teachers in deepening wisdom and fully developing their potential. 

Clearlight lives with her husband and children in the Montreal area in Canada. And, in case you are wondering...  she was indeed named Clearlight at birth! 

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Pregnancy, Postpartum