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iRest Teacher
Sebastopol, CA

Dani Antman is a Kabbalistic healer, teacher, artist and ordained Interfaith Minister. She is a graduate of both the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and A Society of Souls, a three year training in Kabbalistic Healing. She taught with Jason Shulman, the founder of A Society of Souls for 9 years. Dani teaches workshops on healing and meditation throughout the United States and Europe. She is currently on the staff of The Lionheart Institute of Transpersonal Healing, in Sherman Oaks California.

Dani has a healing and spiritual counseling practice in Sebastopol, California. She completed iRest Level One in 2009. She incorporates the iRest protocols in her private sessions. More info about Dani: artwork www.divinewrapsody.com

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Chronic Pain
High School
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Kabbalistic Meditation, Spiritual Counseling, Hands on Healing