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For nearly eight years, Jill worked as a director of a non profit working to increase resources and services for people experiencing traumatic brain injury. Over this time she witnessed a need for a resource that promotes healing and creates a space for individuals to feel harmony and peace within themselves while they are healing. A few years ago, Jill witnessed this same need for herself after a minor car crash where she experienced a concussion and whiplash. iRest® became an essential tool for her immediate situation, but through practice, Jill learned her thought and belief patterns went far deeper than any recent experience. Jill is so grateful for iRest®. It has supported her to feel whole and healthy, and awakened to the deepest of treasures. It also provides practical and accessible tools for daily life. Today, Jill continues to enjoy the journey of iRest® while supporting others to experience the great benefits. Most recently Jill had the opportunity to share iRest with family and friends, as well as women veterans. It is such a gift to hear feedback from family, friends, colleagues, and clients that iRest® has supported them to feel relaxed, at ease, and connected. If you are interested in learning how iRest® and Alpine Acupuncture may support you or your company, please email jill@alpinelac.com or call 907-796-9984. Jill is a licensed acupuncturist in Juneau, Alaska. She is also a Board Member of Hike it Baby, an international organization that helps connect families to nature and to each other. Jill loves making time to be in nature, hiking, cross-country skiing, playing at the beach, camping, and more...especially in the company of her family and friends.

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