Kathleen Ludwig

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iRest Teacher
Calgary, AB, Canada

Kathleen's introduction to iRest was a profound opening into a deep sense of grace. This is the gift of iRest - infinite grace available to all. iRest brings a direct experience that all is Love and there's nothing we need do to be That.

Kathleen is an iRest Supervisor, certified Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Association of Alberta and Program Instructor in the Yoga Therapy Certificate Program at Mt. Royal University in Calgary, Alberta. She has been involved in yoga since 1997 and a devoted student of Richard Miller since 2002. Kathleen has been teaching yoga, meditation and iRest to the public since 2003. In her work with Mt. Royal University, Kathleen teaches the foundational philosophies of yoga traditions in a course called “Spiritual Transformation”. In this course, she introduces iRest yoga nidra as an experiential component and practical application of yoga therapy and spiritual awakening. Her training as a Spiritual Intuitive supports and deepens her work.

Kathleen's passion is to share the transformative power of iRest with an "attitude of gratitude", a sense of humor, and deep inward focus. For more on Kathleen, her classes, workshops and private sessions; email kathleenaludwig@gmailcom.

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