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Hello, I am Kathleen O'Bryan, “Katie”, and I am a Level II Integrative Restoration student and iRest® guide.

Feeling, expressing and connecting within are empowering practices that deepen our bliss and satisfaction in Life. Yoga nidra is 'yogic sleep', a gentle, friendly concentration exercise that naturally steers a person to a place of intrinsic quiet. An inward realization and clarity regarding the fulfillment of one's own potential can be found in the yoga nidra state of awareness.

A wellspring of abundance beyond even self-awareness is available in the yoga nidra experience. Physical healing and rejuvenation, neuromuscular re-education, the removal of fruitless habits rooted in the subconscious mind, the erasing of trauma and unwanted beliefs, and the reorientation of the whole self towards life affirming desire await the regular practitioner.

Deep rest in yoga nidra is heavenly. The yoga sages called the nidra brain wave state the 'realm of the gods.' Yoga nidra extends a natural delta brain wave state that we normally touch into briefly in typical sleep.

I appreciate the unique aspects the Integrative Restoration iRest® experience offers me on my path to yoga nidra. Integrative Restoration technique uses the breath awareness stage of guided mediation to explore various pranayama techniques, it encourages sensing awareness of the self as limitless spaciousness, and provides a mechanism for grounding into a sense of safety. Integrative Restoration tailors the traditional yoga nidra meditation to the special needs and abilities of the 'American' mind set- the individual, modern lifestyle enjoyed by many around the world.

I began studying yoga nidra because it is a wonderful addition to my restorative yoga classes. I am grateful to Richard Miller for his knowledge and interpretation of yoga nidra meditation as iRest®, especially for victims of trauma. The iRest® Integrative Restoration protocol created to allow practitioners to share this compelling practice in hospital settings and conventional workplace environments is an astute guide and a rewarding opportunity for all who participate.

Fall into 'yogic sleep', and awaken to Life!!

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