Liza Lichtinger

Level 1, Level 2 Certified

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Liza Lichtinger

iRest Level 1 and Level 2 trained Teacher (certification in progress). 

San Francisco, CA, Miami, FL, and virtual. Liza speaks Spanish and English fluently.

Liza holds a masters degree in Mental Health Counseling and Professional Clinical Counseling, with a research focus in decision making, Mindfulness, and Human Computer Interaction. Having worked in a variety of settings to include therapeutic, corporate, recovery, Startup, and university over the past 20 years, she began teaching Mindful decision making to employees while at a fortune 500, went on to expand by Developing her small business protocol and Managing Programs with therapy clients and coaching executives early in her career after graduate research in Wellness Programming (2009). Liza has led initiatives to bridge Tech with Healthcare while Directing companies such as managing research, design, and product teams at High-Tech companies, and strategically advising and directing Fintech and Telehealth executives.

Having observed great benefits of iRest as an additional treatment for alleviating symptoms of PTSD, Substance Abuse, Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Pain, Sleep Issues, and Venture Culture, she integrated yoga, meditation, and MBCBT protocols for her individual, group, and corporate clients having seen the clarity it brings when making multi million dollar decisions. Liza is certified in Human Capital Development, Yoga, a NBCC mentor and a graduate level facilitator. 

Liza offers iRest in group, individual, corporate settings and as part of her resilience program, in person and virtually online to support her clients dealing with a variety of goals. Her mission is to weave her experience in corporate, research, tech, and clinical with the mindful practices to support and empower people towards clarity, accomplishment, peace and balance in life. She travels for workshops, retreats, presentations, as well for iRest trainings. Contact Liza if you like individual / group practice and/or to bring an iRest workshop to your business, company, or member organization. 

Liza is a keynote speaker, Ross Dawson lists her as one of the World's Top Female Futurists, Lufthansa named her The Oracle of Wellness Tech, is featured in Forbes and published in the AI Springer Journal. 

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Teacher Specialty
Active Duty Military
At Risk Youth
Chemical Dependency
Chronic Pain
Additional Teacher Specialty
Executive, Corporate, Entrepreneurs, ADD / ADHD, Cybersecurity / Tech, Court Ordered / Incarcerated, Workshops