Mary Smith

June 16, 20ll, the Integrative Restoration Institute certified Mary as an “Integrative Restoration – iRest Yoga Nidra Teacher. She has offered Yoga Nidra to community members at yoga studios, women living temporarily in a homeless shelter, veterans healing from PTSD, religious/spiritual groups, individuals healing after surgery, family and friends. Mary has partnered regularly for one-on-one personal and shared meditation. Most recently she used her personal practice to prepare for and now heal after major surgery.

Mary first learned about Yoga Nidra during the “Pathways to Happiness” 9 month workshop designed and led by Robin Carnes and Nancy Montagna. After her first experience with Yoga Nidra with Robin, she knew she wanted more – no where else had she ever experienced the quieting and peacefulness of her mind at rest and free of its endless chatter, fear, judgements, worry, defensiveness, resentment, planning. She breathed easily and has used these last twelve years to deepen her practice and learn how her minds works. How it can support or undermine, how it can welcome, attach or detach, how it can listen and learn with awareness and without judgement. What a gift!

As one participant has said about Yoga Nidra led by Mary:

“Mary's soothing, calm and inviting meditation led me to a deep tranquility such that I've not ever experienced. I've gone to dozens of meditations and mindfulness sessions in the last decade. Mary's was far and away the only one where I got to a place of deep total relaxation and peace, clearing my mind and opening my heart. Mary has a unique gift and talent and I am a convert to yoga nidra because of Mary!”

Teacher Specialty
Additional Teacher Specialty
Preparation for and healing after surgery.