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“All of your practices have brought you to this place”. These words, spoken by Richard Miller, PhD. at the end of Level II Integrative Restoration Teacher Training, resonated with Mary Walters. She experienced a deep sense of peace and a recognition that her entire being – mind, body and spirit – had arrived home after many years of feeling that she had played different roles here, there and everywhere. A sense of wholeness and deep belonging, arrival at a place of home was overwhelming and joyfully peaceful. What are all of the practices that brought Mary to this place of teaching Integrative Restoration® (iRest®) Yoga Nidra? As a nurse and primary care psychiatric nurse practitioner, Mary specialized in the treatment of substance abuse disorders, often with adolescents. She has worked in the area of research with mental health and substance abuse also. A beautiful family that continues to grow with grandchildren is an abundant blessing. In addition Mary is a Kripalu YogaDance® Instructor, Yoga Instructor RYT certified, has practiced meditation for many years inspired initially by the work of Jon Kabat-Zinn’s work with health care professionals, studied yoga therapy with Inner Peace Yoga, and participated in many other meditation and yoga trainings. The practice of nursing, medicine, mental health and substance abuse treatment, yoga, meditation, and iRest have created in Mary the recognition of the deep connection of body, mind and spirit in any healing that we experience. Mary believes that the physical, mental, and spiritual pain that we endure due to our life experiences can be carried in the multiple organ systems of the body. Integrative Restoration Yoga Nidra and yoga therapy allow us to heal as life experiences are brought into balance physically, emotionally, spiritually and mindfully. We again become the peaceful beings that we were born as and we are able to go about the world with confidence, love and grace. Mary provides workshops and classes in medical, wellness, and education centers in addition to yoga studios in the Greater Pittsburgh area. She sees clients for individual sessions in her office in Edgewood, PA. “If you would like to join me in learning about iRest and find the underlying Peaceful Self that this busy crazy life may have conditioned you to forget about, please contact me, we’ll uncover it together”.

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