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Having trained with meditation masters in Australia, US and India since 1977, practice leader Peter Coroneos has accrued over 10,000 hours meditation, making him one of the most experienced meditation teachers in Australia today.


Peter has studied under Vedic, Advaita and Tantra systems and received direct transmission from Siddha, Dzogchen and Buddhist masters. His students range from senior corporate leaders to tradespersons, primary children to the elderly.

To all, he brings patience, skill and understanding as he shares this profound gift with sincere seekers.

Peter is also an internationally recognised technology industry leader and authority of cyber policy, twice invited to the White House  to brief the Obama Administration on an initiative which ultimately served to protect almost 300 million internet users from malware attacks.

He has also previously taught neuroscience and evolutionary biology and relies on current research to break down barriers to acceptance of meditation.

His passion is combining his deep meditative experience with corporate leadership credentials to help bring ancient techniques to the mainstream. Peter is qualified in science, education and law.

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