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Scott Moore’s teaching comes from his heart. He has a gift of connecting with students, as he is authentic, open, loving, and generous. He loves to invest his classes with music, poetry, stories, and a sense of humor. He has a command of the subtle art of yoga, and can teach to all skill levels and needs. His classes are diverse: they range from challenging, flowing, and energizing to relaxing, nurturing, and restorative. He honors the ancient traditions of yoga, has studied with many powerful teachers (including D’ana Baptiste, Peter Francyk, Erin Geesaman-Rabke, and master teachers Richard Miller, Donna Farhi,Judith Lasater, Bryan Kest, Desiree Rumbaugh, Rod Stryker, Shiva Rea, and Simon Park), and still teaches a fun and personable class. He is certified in Level 1 iRest yoga nidra training by Richard Miller, and he loves to go deeper by introducing students to this profound mind-body healing practice.

In 2002-2003 Scott and his wife, Celeste, spent almost a year in Korea teaching English and studying meditation, enriching their knowledge and experience of the subtle aspects of yoga and instilling them with a deep respect of eastern culture and philosophy. In 2003 Scott and Celeste helped open and establish Centered City Yoga in Salt Lake City. In 2004 Scott and Celeste were invited to teach yoga for 5 weeks at NAVA, Croatia’s premier yoga studio. Scott has taught and helped conducted teacher training groups with many of the yoga studios in Salt Lake City. In 2010 Scott and Celeste traveled to Kerala India to study and experience Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga. Scott teaches is an adjunct professor of yoga at Westminster College in Salt Lake City.

Scott starred in a short film called The Yogi and the Apple Tree, by filmmaker Loni Danler, and was also featured as a yoga instructor in the film High School Musical II. In 2006-2007 Scott volunteered to teach yoga with the First Step House, a treatment facility for men learning to reintegrate into society after exiting prison. Scott also has directed the yoga and mindfulness curriculum for several residential treatment facilities geared toward teenagers and instructs mindfulness and wholehearted living through yoga and yoga nidra.

Scott loves to write and has a wonderful ability to create a narrative around the art and practice of yoga and its intersection with the practice of every-day living. Read his blog at

In addition to yoga, he adores playing with his wife, Celeste, running, writing, and swinging with his jazz band.

“I spent 6 months in India trying to find the “real yoga.” It was interesting, but no single person has affected my yoga practice as much as you. Your realness and your genuine love for people, music, and yoga inspire me…. You have shown me that yoga comes from inside, and going to India proved it to me.” –D. Rodier, student

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