Sharon Dawson

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I’m a thirty-something gal with a passion for saving money and saving the planet. By day, I’m the Webmaster of a natural beauty company. By night, you’ll find me teaching iRest® Yoga Nidra, taking yoga classes, singing (poorly) to Broadway musicals, or playing board games with my friends._

I have been practicing yoga since 2007. I was introduced to it through a class at my workplace, which initially I saw as an opportunity to get to know co-workers. Over the next few years, the social aspects of yoga became secondary to the positive benefits I began to experience for myself. I took yoga classes regularly as a student for several years, favoring classes with deep stretching and relaxing poses. I found the most enjoyment in the balance poses such as Tree, King Dancer, and Warrior III. In 2009, I suffered a heart attack. After a challenging year, I was able to ground myself in my yoga practice again and was able to use the relaxation and breathing techniques to help overcome the stress and life-changing effects of that difficult time. This experience was my inspiration to find a form of yoga that would best allow me to share coping techniques with others, which led her to Yoga Nidra.

My intention is to Heal Myself and Others Through Yoga.

To follow my yoga journey and learn more about my iRest® Yoga Nidra classes, please visit my website.

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