Come One, Come All: A Practice for Inclusion

We are all part of something greater. It’s a comforting thought, yes?

iRest—along with many of the world’s most influential philosophies—teaches that human interconnectedness is fundamental to our existence. Let’s be honest, though. It’s difficult to feel connected all the time. 

At some point, we yearn to feel more included.  We wish for our stories to be heard, our presence acknowledged, and our gifts appreciated. Maybe we’ve been overlooked for a job offer. Or maybe loved ones have turned away. Maybe we just want to be seen—to catch the eye of a stranger on the street. In our fast-paced world, the need for inclusion can arise quickly and become quite painful. The good news? We can help satisfy this need. 

iRest strives to do just that, inviting people of all walks to engage in a transformative meditative practice that enables us to feel deeply seen, heard, and connected with ourselves and those around us. Our stated vision is “to nurture a community dedicated to health, well-being, and authentic participation with the world.” We aim to not only offer you tools to feel whole as an individual, but ways to feel connected to other individuals and the world and universe around you.

Our iRest blog is a part of that effort. This virtual space offers stories and testimonies from within our iRest community, and importantly invites your feedback. Our intent through this blog is to grow and nourish dialogue within the iRest community, fostering inclusion and interconnectedness that we all seek.

Toward that end, we offer the following welcoming words and guided meditation practice from iRest founder Dr. Richard Miller. So make yourself comfortable, click the media player below, rest back, and connect.




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