Golden Heart

Exploring the Deep Heart: A Conversation with John Prendergast and Richard Miller

"The heart is a portal—that is to say, it's an opening with remarkable and infinite depth... When we bring attention to this area and actually begin to feel into it, it will open."  —John Prendergast, Ph.D., Author of The Deep Heart: Our Portal to Presence

As both the site of our deepest wounds and a window to our greatest potential, the heart calls out for careful tending. Yet fearing we might find there as much pain as liberation, we often ignore the heart altogether.  In his book The Deep Heart: Our Portal to Presence,  psychologist and spiritual teacher John Predergrast, Ph.D., invites readers on a pilgrimage to explore the heart in a gentle, supported way. The phrase “deep heart” is one Prendergast uses to describe a nexus of emotional sensitivity, relational intimacy, profound inner knowing, and unconditional love. The book offers meditative inquiries, testimonies, and reflections drawn from Prendergast’s work with students and clients.  

We've gone a step beyond the written word to offer you a rich conversation between Prendergast and iRest founder Richard Miller. In this free webinar, learn more about Predergast's approach: How might it be helpful to map the geography of the heart? What is "vibration"? How does heart exploration take us deep into our essential nature?  Please join John and Richard as they consider these questions and you too can open up, see through limiting beliefs, and discover your own true nature. 

This webinar is provided on the Teachers Community Network (TCN) page. If you are a member of the TCN and wish to access the interview video recording, simply sign in to the TCN here.

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The Deep Heart

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